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Upper Nazareth mayor sentence to 6 months in jail for bribery

Upper Nazareth Mayor Shimon Gapso was sentenced on Thursday to six months in jail on charges of bribery, including moral turpitude.

The sentence was delivered after the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Gapso following his conviction last year and accept a state appeal for a harsher sentence.

In accordance with the ruling, Gapso immediately resigned from his post and he will not be able to serve as a mayor for the next seven years.

Last April, Haifa District Court Judge Oded Gershon gave Gapsou and his former top deputy, Adi Barko, lenient sentences with no jail time, paving the way for Gafsou to return to office despite convictions on bribery and fraud charges.

Gafsou’s sentence was six months of community service, a NIS 20,000 fine and a one-year suspended sentence that can be activated if he violates a similar crime in the next three years.

In the trial that started in January 2014, the prosecution had asked the court to sentence Gafsou to between eight to 24 months in prison.

After the 2008 municipal elections, Gafsou and Barko had received what constituted a bribe by conditioning the completion of a financial transaction, which City Council member Samyoun Brown was involved in, on his resigning from the council.

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