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Unique Holocaust trilogy to be shown at cinematheques

The innovative trilogy of Holocaust films, Witnesses, presented by the MAVO Project, will be screened at the Jerusalem Cinematheque on February 8 at 8 p.m. The films are in Russian with English and Hebrew titles.

There will also be screenings in Haifa at the Rappaport Center on February 6 and at the Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv on February 10.

The trilogy is being screened to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which took place on January 27, and ahead of Israel’s Yom HaShoah in April.

The films are directed by the Russian/ Ukrainian director, Konstantin Fam. He has a Vietnamese father and a Jewish mother, who lost relatives in the Holocaust. The first film in the trilogy, Shoes, starts out with a pair of women’s shoes in a store window and follows their journey all the way to Auschwitz. The second film, Brutus, tells the story of a German shepherd named Brutus got into concentration camp and turned from a harmless pet dog into a killer. The third film, Violin, traces the path of a violin starting from when it is built in Nuremberg, through several owners – including Jews in Germany – and finally to Israel.

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