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UN envoy: Status of Jerusalem must be resolved

There is “no real prospect for peace” between Israelis and Palestinians unless
the status of Jerusalem is resolved, the top UN envoy to the peace process said
on Wednesday.

Robert Serry’s brief address to a conference in Jerusalem
came in the middle of a tense week, which featured a prisoner release,
announcement of settlement construction and the trading of fire between the IDF
and terrorists in Gaza. Serry is the UN special coordinator for the Middle East
peace process.

“Without resolving Jerusalem, there will be no solution,”
he said. “The [UN] secretary general believes that a way has to be found for
Jerusalem to emerge as a capital for two states.”

Serry said both sides
had “committed themselves” to addressing the status of Jerusalem, and he praised
the involvement of the United States in jump-starting negotiations.

he warned there is pervasive apathy among Israelis and Palestinians, and he
called on leaders in both communities to galvanize a public movement for

“Let’s face it, almost nobody believes that these talks will have
a positive outcome,” he said. “If you yourself believe in a twostate solution,
then this is indeed a time for renewed action.”

The conference was
organized by the Peace NGO Forum with support from the European Union.

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