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The city in Pakistan that loves a British hairstyle

Head and shoulder image of Secunder KermaniImage copyright
Secunder Kermani

When BBC correspondent Secunder Kermani wanted to get a haircut in Pakistan, he decided to head to Mirpur, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. It was the one city where he could be sure of getting the same cut he normally has in London.

As I waited outside the blast-proof walls of my hotel in Islamabad, a short, moustached security guard with a friendly face wandered over.

“Are you from the UK?” he asked in Urdu.

I told him I was. My family is originally from Pakistan, but I was born in London.

“So you’re from Mirpur are you?”

I smiled – the city of Mirpur is known as Little England here, because so many of its inhabitants left for Britain, only to return to build big houses with the money they’ve saved – or to marry off their children.

“No, my family aren’t from there,” I told him.

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