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Study: Israeli patents in US jump 21%

The number of Israeli patents in the US jumped 21 percent in 2014, putting it third on list of foreign countries filing patents there (by population), according to a study by BdiCoface.

The study found that 3,555 Israel-based patents were filed in the US that year, for a total of 438.9 patents per million Israeli inhabitants. Only Japan, with 445.6 patents per million, and Taiwan, with 524.4 patents per million, outranked Israel, which came ahead of South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland on the list.

“The past year showed that Israeli innovation is not only winning international recognition and goodwill, but also continues its research and development in big technology companies, startups and universities in full force,” said Tehila Yanai, co-CEO of BdiCoface.

The government, she added, should continue encouraging investment in RD and further incentivize international companies to open RD centers here.

From 2009 to 2013, the company that produced the most US patents in Israel was IBM (674 patents), followed by Intel (435), Marvell (281), Sandisk (261) and HP (197).

The top educational institutions in Israel filing US patents were Tel Aviv University (161), the Weitzman Institute (158), the Technion (137) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (116).

Ranked against all institutions filing patents in the US, the aforementioned educational instutions came in at 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th place, respectively.

In Europe, however, Israeli patents fell 5% in 2014 to roughly 399 patents per million

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