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Soroka Medical Center’s Top Doctors: Prof. Eyal Sheiner

Professor Eyal Sheiner (MD, PhD) has a passion for medicine and the Negev as chairman of Soroka Medical Center’s Obstetrics and Gynecology B Department and vice dean of student affairs at Ben-Gurion University’s Medical Sciences Faculty. Though he first arrived in Beersheba to study medicine, he stayed because of Beersheba’s unique and equally-passionate denizens, on top of the medical advances being made at Soroka.

Speaking with The Jerusalem Post, he said his most powerful moments as a doctor happen when he helps women give birth and “help their dream come true.”

His duty as a doctor is threefold, he said. The first involves serving the local community by providing excellent health care for women of the Negev. Part of his service to the community also involves special programs, which Sheiner said are very close to his heart. One brings local doctors from outside the hospital to Soroka and he recently arranged an update conference to the obstetricians working in the community. In another program, a class of Autistic students visit his department, receiving health lectures and volunteering as well.

The second facet involves research on pregnancy and birth, especially on how to avoid long term complications during pregnancy, a subject he will cover in his soon-to-be-released tenth book.

Third, he sees it his duty to teach the next generation of doctors.

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