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President Rivlin: Even in difficult times, Israelis continue to celebrate

President Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Nechama, opened their succa to the public on Wednesday morning in an event held in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Equality.

In his welcoming address to the crowds, Rivlin addressed the rocket attack that occurred on Tuesday night from the Gaza Strip on southern Israel. “Even in difficult times, the Israeli people continue to celebrate the holidays of all faiths and followers of all faiths gather and come to Jerusalem,” he said.

“We send our wishes for a happy and quiet holiday to those who live near the Gaza border, who are the border of Israel,” he added.

Rivlin emphasized the need to continue the holiday celebrations as usual despite the rising tensions across the country.

On Tuesday night, an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery intercepted at least one rocket over the southern city of Ashdod after air raid sirens sounded in the region. The Israel Air Force attacked four Hamas military installations Wednesday morning in response.

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