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Notable UK deaths of 2013

Sitcom stars, musicians, leading sportsmen and a former prime minister – spend a few minutes watching our annual look back at UK lives lost from the past 12 months.

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Slideshow includes non-British nationals who died in the UK as well as figures from the Irish Republic who contributed significantly to UK culture.

A look at global figures who died was published on 30 December 2013, and can be found here.

All images subject to copyright. Most images courtesy PA, AFP/Getty, AP, Reuters, Rex Features and Mirrorpix.

Additional images courtesy: Reg Goodwin (Pete Haycock), David Sillitoe/Guardian (Rev John Graham), Bletchley Park (Mavis Batey), The Historic Dockyard Chatham (Adm Sir Nicholas Hunt).

Includes music by the Climax Blues Band, The Nolans, Pink Floyd, The Troggs, LSO (Valse Triste/Sibelius), Noel Harrison and KPM Music.

Slideshow by Paul Kerley. Publication date 31 December 2013.


Global notable deaths of 2012

Notable deaths of 2012 from the UK

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