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New wing launched in Jerusalem shelter for battered ultra-Orthodox women

Bat Melech charity, which provides assistance to victims of
domestic violence in the religious and haredi communities, launched a new wing
in its Jerusalem shelter last week and is already filled to capacity.

NIS 1.5 million construction included the addition of new rooms, renovation of
existing rooms and the addition of public spaces.

Funds for the project
were raised by donations from companies including the Israeli Building Center,
Negev Ceramics, Pandor Doors and many more.

“Every month our hotline
receives some hundred calls, while our shelters are at full capacity,” said said
Zilit Jacobson, the director of Bat Melech.

“We hope that through these
and other contributions we can provide solutions to all who apply, and enable
them to recover and escape the cycle of violence as soon as possible,” Bat
Melech was established in 1995 and provides services including physical
protection, psychological support, social assistance, financial and legal
services, educational programs, assistance to victims of violence and the
rehabilitation and construction of an independent life.

The organization
operates two shelters, one in Jerusalem and the other in the Center, which both
work in full cooperation with the Welfare and Social Services Ministry and with
the spiritual support of rabbis. It also operates a 24 hour hot-line staffed by
female social workers and lawyers.

“Bat Melech is the only charity in
Israel that operates two shelters for women and child victims of violence in the
religious community. We see the utmost importance in the continued existence of
these shelters, which allow us to provide physical protection, psychological
support, social assistance, and legal and financial help to the victims and
their children,” said Jacobson.

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