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Netanyahu: France mulls ban on foreign mosque funds but backs groups hostile to Israel

Even as France is considering banning foreign financing of mosques, it – along with other European countries – is financing organizations intent on harming Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

“We intend to enter into a discussion with them [France] about this issue, because terror is terror everywhere, and incitement is incitement that encompasses the world, and the treatment needs to be unified — as much as possible — among the governments,” he said.

Netanyahu began his comments by saying that Israel was shocked by the cruel murder of a priest in Normandy last week.

“I heard about a discussion that took place last week in the French government about preventing foreign money from organizations that harm French citizens,” he said. “That sounds familiar to us. We are also concerned about these types of contribution to organizations that reject Israel’s existence.”

Netanyahu said that he ordered a preliminary check into this matter, and found support from European countries, including France, to a number of organizations that incite against and call for a boycott of Israel, and who do not recognize the Jewish state’s right to exist.

The premier said that a full investigation into this matter will be completed soon, at which time the findings will be presented to the French government.

The international media reported last week that the French government was considering the banning of foreign funds to mosques as part of a new policy to battle terrorism hitting the country.

Le Monde quoted French Prime Minister Manuel Valls as saying there was a need for a “thorough review to form a new relationship with French Islam.”

The French premier was quoted as saying: “We live in a changed era and we must change our behaviour. This is a revolution in our security culture.”

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