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‘Let this be my only souvenir from Gaza’

A few days ago, prior to his untimely death, St.-Sgt. Guy Algranati, 20, from Tel Aviv sent a picture of a small wound on his leg to one of his best friends and captioned the photo, “Let this be my only souvenir from Gaza.”

Algranati’s friend, also named Guy, told the story on Thursday as he eulogized his best friend in the military section of Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv. “We spoke two days ago and you said you were fine,” he said barely holding back tears.

“We said we would be friends forever and would raise our kids together,” he said. “Now your life has stopped and so did ours.”

Hundreds attended the funeral of the fallen soldier including friends, family, former classmates and fellow soldiers. 

Col. Guy Levy spoke on behalf of the IDF and eulogized the fallen soldier and said “you always radiated security, strength and faith and always pushed forward and lead your friends.”  Levy commended Algranati and his unit for their service and for “protecting our home.”

Algranati, who served in the elite Maglan unit, was killed on Wednesday along with St.-Sgt. Matan Gotlib, 21, from Rishon Lezion, St.-Sgt.Omer Hay, 21, from Savyon in a booby-trapped tunnel shaft in the southern Gaza Strip.

Algranati’s grandfather, who was barely able to stand on his own from grief, gave a long eulogy commemorating his firstborn grandson.   He praised his service and spoke of the “Holocaust” that Hamas was planning on unleashing on Rosh Hashana through the tunnels his grandson died to uncover and destroy.

“Thanks to heroes like you, Israel will never be defeated,” he said unable to hold back tears.

Varda Kagan, the principal of Alliance High School, of which Algranati was an alumnus, eulogized him and described him as an intelligent and caring student who was always extremely modest. 

“We will remember Guy as one of the most humane students with morals and values, he was always ready to help and to contribute,” she said.

One by one Algranati’s friends took to the podium and eulogized their beloved friend, echoing Kagan’s description of him as a modest and sincere guy who was “always optimistic” and who cared deeply for others.

Noa, Algranati’s girlfriend eulogized him and recounted an incident when the two of them were driving in the car and saw an elderly woman fall down on the sidewalk.   Algranati immediately rushed out to help her, she recounted.

“People that had gathered turned around to leave as soon as they saw she was okay, but you offered her a bottle of water we had in the car and insisted on waiting with her until the ambulance arrived,” she said. “You always loved to help everywhere and you were full of compassion.”

“The year and half we were together – were the happiest in my life,” she said breaking down into tears.  


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