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Israel publishes tenders for 450 new homes in West Bank settlement

The Lands Authority on Friday morning published tenders for 450 new homes in West Bank settlements.

The new tenders are for projects in the following West Bank settlements; 156 in Elkana, 114 homes in Geva Binyamin (Adam), 102 in Kiryat Araba and 78 in Alfei Menashe.

In addition, a tender was published for a hotel in Ma’aleh Adumim as well as for business buildings in that city and in the community of Emmanuel.

Tenders have been unsuccessfully issued for many of these projects in the past, because contractors did not buy them. 

In addition, according to Peace Now, a plan to construct 93 new homes in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo was deposited for public review with a municipal planning committee.

The Palestinians have charged that settlement building imperils the two state solution.

They have said it is reason why they must seek an imposed two-state solution through the international community. and not through direct talks with Israel.

Israel in turn has argued that a two-state solution can only come about through a negotiated solution with the Palestinians. Settlement building bears no relationship on such talks, it has said.

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