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Iconic Israeli actress Hanna Maron dies at age 90

Actress and Israel Prize laureate Hanna Maron died at the age of 90 on Friday at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital.

Known as one of Israel’s leading actresses, the veteran theater personality and silver screen star was born in Germany and made aliya in 1933.

Maron joined the Habima theater troupe in 1940 and the Cameri Theater five years later.

In 1970, the theater legend was wounded when Palestinian terrorists attacked passengers waiting to board an Israeli airliner at Munich airport. One of her legs was amputated, but she continued to perform on stage and on television.

In 1973 she was awarded the Israel Prize in theater.

Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat mourned the death of the venerated actress, extending her condolences to the family of the “cultural heroine,” saying “tonight we lost an Israeli theater star.”

“Maron, a Guinness Record holder for the actress with the longest career on stage, never lost passion for the stage and the desire to innovate, to experiment and to challenge herself and the audience in a variety of roles,” the minister said on Facebook.

JTA contributed to this report.

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