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Haredi men to Yesh Atid MK: Black slave, go back to Africa

Several haredi men verbally attacked MK Shimon Solomon this week, using curses
and racial epithets against the lawmaker who emigrated from

Solomon (Yesh Atid) described the incident on Facebook, which
occurred at a gas station on his way from the Knesset to his home in

According to the Yesh Atid MK, several men approached him and
began cursing and making comments on what they called his party’s antiharedi

“Yesh Atid is not against haredim,” Solomon told them. “This is
a democracy, and it is legitimate to disagree and try to convince one

One of the haredi men responded: “Black slave, go back to
Africa” and told him he should end up like Tommy Lapid, the former justice
minister and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid’s father, who is now

Solomon immigrated to Israel from the Tigray region of Ethiopia
in 1980, at age 12.

“These people were motivated by hate. They didn’t
want to listen to me, just to condemn and curse. I left the place because I saw
there was no point in continuing; it was like talking to a wall. I have no doubt
that if I had stayed, they would have been physically violent,” Solomon

The Yesh Atid MK added that he finds it unfortunate that those who
claim to be Torah scholars do not behave with the respect the Torah teaches.
However, he wrote, he is sure those men do not represent the haredi

“Haredi leaders and rabbis cannot stand silent when faced with
the increase of violence in haredi society. Silence will be understood as
agreement,” Solomon said.

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