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Buchris close to plea bargain on sexual charges

Former Brig.-Gen. (res.) Ofek Buchris and the IDF Prosecution are close to a plea deal in which he would admit to consensual sex, which was prohibited by virtue of it being with a junior female soldier under his command, while three counts of rape and any jail time would be dropped, The Jerusalem Post learned late Tuesday.

Buchris, a famed general who was potentially on track to become chief of staff, was indicted in July for three counts of rape and 13 counts of other sex crimes between July 2012 and January 2013, against a junior soldier and a junior officer under his command.

Though he has denied any kind of sexual contact with either women, the plea bargain would involve his accepting responsibility for a prohibited sexual liaison, resulting in a suspended sentence and a demotion in rank.

The scandal has shaken the army and the country for most of 2016 due to his unprecedented high rank, and top military prosecutor Col. Sharon Zagagi has personally handled the case.

A plea deal would mark a significant movement by both sides, though it is known that the IDF Prosecution only filed an indictment after debating what to do for a significant period and with some misgivings about aspects of the case.

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