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Blind soldier fulfills lifetime dream of joining the IDF

Daniel Defur’s wish was to serve in the IDF.

Defur, who is blind, told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about three wishes he had, including a deep desire to serve in the IDF.

In a Facebook post to his two million followers, Netanyahu promised to help Daniel enlist. Shortly afterward, the Prime Minister reached out to Special in Uniform, a program that integrates young men and women with disabilities into the IDF.

“Of course, we jumped into action, working with Daniel and the IDF to find the right base and position for him,” said Tiran Attia, Director of Special in Uniform. Daniel is the first blind teenager to enter the program, which is supported by JNF-USA.

On Thursday in his Jerusalem office, Netanyahu welcomed the new soldier to congratulate him on achieving his dream.

“Most societies see what people lack,” The Premier said, “let’s keep being the country that looks for what every individual has to give. You are showing us all what a true champion looks like.”

“I need your help,” Netanyahu wrote to his Facebook followers, explaining that Daniel dreamed of gaining a circle of friends. “Let’s show him a bit of Israel’s warmth and love.”

Within days, Daniel had maxed out his Facebook allowance with over 2,000 friend requests. He opened a public page and immediately took on the role of Israel’s Friend-Maker-in-Chief, rallying his fans to seek out other teens who are having difficulty building friendships.

Daniel will serve on an air force base as a fully-enlisted member of the Israel Defense Forces.

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