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Around 40,000 running in Tel Aviv Marathon today

Preparations are under way for Tel Aviv to host its annual marathon on Friday, with road closures and police reinforcements ready to deploy across the city.

The city expects around 40,000 people to run in the marathon’s various races, while an estimated 150,000 will view it, according to the city.

Last March, a 29-year-old man died and dozens more were hospitalized with heat stroke and dehydration while running the half marathon in Tel Aviv. The run took place on a day that saw unseasonably high weather for that time of the year, and the death of Maj. (res.) Michael Michaelovich led the city to cancel the full marathon which was to be held a couple days later.

Like in past years, the marathon will see most of central Tel Aviv closed off to traffic from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The closures will cover a span from Rokah Boulevard and the area of Tel Baruch in the north, to the clock tower in Jaffa in the south, and major arteries like Ibn Gvirol, Dizengoff, and Rothschild.

Police have called on the public traveling to the city at that time to park in lots outside of the center of the city and walk or travel by public transportation.

In addition to the marathon, the race will include a half marathon, a 10 km. run, a kids’ run, and a disabled persons’ race.

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